Our 2015 scholarship application will be available January 1.  In the meantime, please start gathering letters of recommendation from teachers, coaches, club advisors, clergy, employers and other non-relatives who can speak to your character or suitability for your intended major.  Also, create a list of your activities (teams, clubs, volunteer activities, awards, recognitions, leadership roles....both in school and in the community)

How to Apply   
Scholarships are organized by school district.  Select the form in the dropdown box for the school district where you reside or from which you will graduate or have graduated.  If you cannot apply through one of the local school applications, but qualify for the Herbert & Antoinette Schlater, IUTIS, or Heidi Norris scholarships, please choose the General Application, found in the Specialized Applications section below. If you are having difficulty completing the application, see our Scholarship FAQs page for troubleshooting tips and additional information. 


Scholarship Applications  - The application is currently not available. Please check back January 1.

Shelby County (Ohio) and select Miami County high schools:

Specialized Applications - The applications are currently not available.  Please check back January 1.

General Application for Other Ohio School Districts (Not for Shelby County Students)
Law Student Assistance Fund Scholarship Application

If you need assistance before our deadline dates, please email our office at or call (937) 497-7800.

For Scholarship Award Recipients
If you have been notified that you have received a scholarship from one of the funds administered by the Community Foundation of Shelby County…Congratulations!  You need to complete two easy tasks to receive your scholarship check:
  1. Sign and return the Acceptance Letter we mailed to your home. You can keep one copy because it contains helpful information about whether you will receive your check(s) before or after the first semester and whether you must fulfill any conditions for your scholarship.
  2. Send us your tuition invoice (often called a statement or fee bill) from your college or university.  Colleges and universities typically make these available to you by logging into your account on the college’s website.  Please mail or email a copy which shows what you owe to attend college.  We consider this as proof of enrollment in the college.  An emailed item may be sent to   A mailed copy may be sent to Community Foundation of Shelby County, 100 S. Main Ave, Ste 202, Sidney, Ohio 45365

And one more important request…please send a Thank You note to the person or family that provided your scholarship.  It is always appreciated and valued by them!  Please send the note to the Community Foundation address at 100 S. Main Ave  Suite 202, Sidney OH 45365. 

If you don’t personally know the individuals who provided the scholarship, it is always safe to begin your note with “To the (scholarship name) family.”   We will forward your note to the appropriate individual or family member. Mention your future plans such as your college, major and career goal.  Most individuals who create a scholarship fund have no involvement with the selection process and have not read your application.  They truly enjoy reading notes from recipients!