Community Grants Program
Only a handful of charitable funds award grants through our annual competitive process.  These are known as Community Granting funds and they give our board of directors discretion in awarding grants.  The Preliminary Proposal deadline was February 8 and the final step in the process concludes in April.  Please review the Grant Guidelines for specific dates and steps in the process.
Arts Education Grants
Teachers of students in grades K-4 in schools located within Shelby County, Ohio may apply for up to $500 in grants. Please review the Arts Grant Guidelines and the online Grant Proposals. Grants may support arts materials or programming.  The deadline is February 8, 2018.

The Louise Sheets Fund provides grants to organizations in or serving the Botkins, Ohio area.  It is not included in annual Community Grants Program noted above. Grants are available to organizations in or serving Botkins, Ohio.
Receiving Grants from other CFSC Funds
Other charitable funds issue awards based upon their purposes.  Donor advised funds and Gift Accounts enable the donor to recommend grant amounts and recipient organizations.  Your best bet is to contact the donor directly.  If they have an interest in supporting your organization or charitable project, they may wish to send a gift from their personal account or request a grant from the charitable fund at the Community Foundation.  A summary of requests of the Community Foundation’s annual grant program is sent to all donor advisors and is currently the only grant request information we forward to them. All other charitable funds make grants for their stated purposes.  Scholarship funds only award scholarships.  Certain funds benefit specific causes or organizations named by the donor in the fund agreement.  To learn the stated purposes of each charitable fund, please refer to our annual Report to the Community booklet or the charitable fund listing on this site.

Recognizing Grants from CFSC Charitable Funds
When publicizing a grant received, please use the name of the charitable fund.  If you have questions about the proper name of a charitable fund, please contact our staff.