DEFINING YOUR CHARITABLE PRIORITIES ~ A Guide to Meaningful, Personal Giving. ~

Many people come to a point in their lives where they want to give back, but they have a difficult time sorting out thoughts.

What motivates you to give?  Perhaps you feel strongly about a cause. Perhaps an organization has touched your life or the lives of loved ones. Maybe you want to create a legacy and set an example that inspires others to give. Or your giving is a way to bring your family together and pass along your values to younger generations.

The key to having a rewarding experience is finding the best fit for your charitable priorities, financial goals, and personal experiences. This checklist is designed to help you determine the giving solution right for you.

What are your charitable priorities?  The following questions may help you whittle down your thoughts about the kind of giving you want to do.

Charitable interests.  You may have a single interest or several...or a desire to support new community needs and opportunities as they arise. What applies to you?

Impact. What kind of impact do you hope to make with your charitable gift?

Perpetuity. Should your gift help the community forever? You can endow your gift so that only earnings may be spent and the prinicipal becomes a growing source of community capital...or you can choose to have the gift spent.